To bee or not to bee,

that is the question!

You’d never believe it, huh? That after the planting of the Olive Grove at Le Gusciane we would be back so soon with a new project of the heart.

Our house will also be a nest for bees!

How did this happened? In the past weeks we have received the olive trees, we felt your heart, your dedications, the many acts of love that you wanted to take root in our land, it really moved us and so many people keep calling to get more trees in we dint have space for… so we thought… we could share our beekeeping project!

There are 35 adoptable hives. with 50 Eur you will adopt a hive from our forest,  not only you will receive our organic honey at home, but you will contribute to the biodiversity of our entire valley. It’s virtuous way to have you with us. Each Hive can have up to 5 sponsors.

We wanted to infuse love and inspiration to this beautiful project.

We thought of something a friend told us: "I choose every morning to be something good, or at least I aim to be good."

Every day life leads us to experience so many moods, so how important is it to choose the right state of mind?

This gave  us an idea.

We played with the word "bee" (ape) which in English resembles the verb "to be" (to be).

And named each Hive after a state of being, a feeling, that would be Inspiring and Uplifting…

So when you adopt a Hive you can choose a state that inspires you… like the state we should chose every morning when we begin our day…

So… how do you want your soul to feel this coming year?

Bee Adventurous
Bee Brave
Bee Caring
Bee Cheerful
Bee Creative
Bee Clever
Bee Compassionate
Bee Confident
Bee Enthusiastic
Bee Enlightened
Bee Everything
Bee Fervent
Bee Fierce
Bee Funny
Bee Generous
Bee Gentle
Bee Genuine
Bee Gifted
Bee Giving
Bee Grateful
Bee Happy
Bee Honest
Bee Humble
Bee Independent
Bee Intuitive
Bee Kind
Bee Patient
Bee Passionate
Bee Playful
Bee Soulful
Bee Strong
Bee Tender
Bee Thoughtful
Bee True

The word “bee” becomes synonymous with soul ... because Le Gusciane is a place of the soul that we want to share more and more with you.

Among those trees, these bees will help us harvest the true nectar of life, together.

Whether you feel adventurous, joyful, full of life, we wish you to be everything you want to be every day.

With love.

Luca + Ale