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  1. Pursuant to article 13 of Regulation n. 196/2003 and to article 13 and 14 of GDPR 2016/679 we would like to inform you that the User’s personal datas gave to the website will be used respecting all the confidentiality guarantees provided by current legislation, for the exclusive purposes of the processing, through computer, telematic and manual tools.
  2. The present policy examines the use of personal datas such as: date on your ID, tax code, residence, telephon number, e-mail, pictures, IP address, geolocation position, cookies, informations that the User will decide to share and other datas that can be crossed together in order to draw User’s profile.


This policy is valid only for this website, not for other websites linked in this one.

Purpose of the processing

Personal datas are used for purposes strictly related to services offered by this business, to fulfilment of obligations under law, to current community legislation and to service of public security. Particularly, personal datas can be used for:

  1. Response to request through questionnaire present in this website.

  2. Registration to this website and to all services offered.

  3. Processing of purchases, payments, preventives, analysis or invoicings.

  4. Sending technical communications

  5. Provide contents focudes on datas gave by the User


Purposes listed above are subject to consent on the part of the relevant individual registered user. It is possible to refuse to give datas entirely or partially, but on this occasion the website won’t be able to provide all services. Child’s consent is valid from age 16, if they are younger the consent must be given by whoever takes her place.

Subjects whom datas can be communicated as persons in charge
The activity doesn’t send personal datas to third party, buti t could do this in some occasions:

  • Professionals, studies, companies or others charged to provide assistance and legal advice.

  • Subjects who wants operations of control, revision and certification of the activities.

  • Subjects who serves for management of risk, credits and fraud control (for ex. Banks, Data Centers, collection agency, legal studies).

  • Bank, card associations and issuers or others digital payment services / money transfer.


Informations and datas will be communicated to subjects. They will be treated with the same level of protection.

If nothing else is mentioned by others regulations subscribed by the User, datas won’t be transfered to non-UE countries or international organisations.

The Controller of data processing is responsibile for the protection of them


The Controller of data processing is

Le Gusciane - Alessandro Franchini

via delle Costacce 363

cap 55041 Pontemazzori - Camaiore (Lu)
email: info@legusciane.it

Data storage and modality
Datas are saved for all the times that is necessary to manage purposes for which informations are required, in compliance with current regulations.

We use specific security measures, for ex. the protection of datas through secure password and not saved “in clear”. We use also other protection technologies in order to avoid data loss or illegal use of them. Personal datas can be also collected, archived or conserved both physically in the registered office of the Controller and among third party, which are responsibile or charged only for the reasons why datas are requested and in compliance with current regulations. Personal datas can be collected, archived or conserved also in some UE’s servers.

Data Breach
The Data Controller will have a legal obligation to disclose data leaks to the national authority and communicate them within 72 hours of becoming aware of it. Data leaks reports are not subject to any "de minimis" standards and must be reported to the superintendent authority as soon as they become known and in any case within 72 hours. In some situations the people whose data was stolen must be warned.

A specific and detailed privacy policy is available for all aspects related to cookies and its technology. We will ask to you to read it by clicking on the link: “COOKIE POLICY”.

The User will be informed with a clear banner if cookies are used, and we will ask him for the permission.

User rights
The User must be allowed in every moment to decide himself on their security policy solutions, for ex:

  • to receive confirmation of the existance of his personal datas, and so to ask for a copy of them.

  • to update, to correct and to modify all personal datas.

  • Ask for the annulment, the anonymously modification or the block of datas if the regulations are not followed.

  • object to the processing of their User personal Data.

  • Ask for the annulment of Personal Datas also for those subjects to whom they are made public.

  • Ask for a limitation of process.

  • Ask for the trasmission of Datas to another data Controller.

In order to exercise the right above mentioned, is it necessary to send a specific request to


Le Gusciane - Alessandro Franchini
email: info@legusciane.it

Last Update
October, 21, 2020